The Cahors Malbec Lounge

The Cahors Malbec Lounge was created in 2011. It is the official information and tasting venue for Cahors wines. Like the Greater Cahors Tourism Board, the lounge is located on the ground floor of a 19th century building renamed Villa Cahors Malbec. With resolutely modern aesthetics, the ambiance of the venue is a wine bar where visitors can taste wines seated at a table or standing at the counter. Open year-round, the Cahors Malbec Lounge also serves as the reception area of the Professional Union of Cahors Winemakers, whose offices are located on the 1st floor.


  • From the 15th of June to the 1st of October

Open Monday to Saturday:

  • From the 1st of October to the 15th of June

Open from Tuesday to Saturday:


A la carte packages


5 € (1 entry-level, 1 mid-range and 1 top-end wine)
10 € (3 mid-range wines)
15 € (3 top-end wines)

by Appointment

On the first Friday of each month, 7 to 9 p.m
7 wines commented by an oenologist
€15 (different theme every month)


On the first Thursday of each month, from 7 p.m
Gourmet and/or musical evening
The entrance fee is €5 and includes a glass of Cahors wine
Extra charge for the meal
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Whether you want to learn more about the appellation, or the geography, terroirs and history of the vineyards, or whether you simply want to ask for advice to prepare your wine tourism itinerary, the team of moderators is available to assist you.
It takes approximately 20 minutes to enjoy a tasting that will allow you to discover the richness and diversity of Cahors wines.
If you liked the wines you tasted and would like to take a few bottles home with you, we will give you the contact information of the wineries concerned. The lounge does not market wines.
Finally, if you don’t have time to go to the winery to meet the winemakers whose wines you enjoyed, we will give you contact information for the wine shops that sell the wines in Cahors itself.


by Appointment

On the first Friday of each month, you can take part in a truly remarkable blind tasting of many red wines from Cahors and elsewhere, moderated by a wine expert.
This geo-sensorial trip will allow you to explore the vineyards of the world and to rediscover Cahors wines.
No need to be a connoisseur. You can share this convivial and fascinating experience with discerning amateurs and novices alike. With this tasting, you will have a unique opportunity to discover the distinctive and qualitative nature of Cahors wines, alongside other great wines of France and the world. Thanks to the enlightening commentary of the moderator, you will discover the secrets of each wine and vineyard.
We recommend that you book a spot with the lounge team, to make sure you are among the tasters.

Festive Tastings

On the first Thursday evening of each month, the Cahors Malbec Lounge organises a festive theme tasting. Often enjoyed with a meal, sometimes with music, the evening event brings together both Cahors residents and visiting tourists. The winemakers are present at the lounge counter and act as moderators to share their passion for Malbec, the historic and emblematic grape variety of their vineyard. Local chefs, but also chefs from other regions, contribute to the festive environment by proposing food and wine pairings, including both traditional and very surprising choices. We recommend that you book your meal well in advance. During the summer, the festive evenings are organised on the square under the giant pergola located just in front of the lounge.

Malbec Blues

Chaque mois de juillet, la capitale du Malbec devient aussi la capitale du blues.
Le lounge intègre alors le temps d’une soirée exceptionnelle la programmation du célèbre Cahors Blues Festival en proposant un accord met-vin-musique des plus savoureux.
Des centaines de passionnés de blues et de Malbec se retrouvent ainsi chaque année sur la grande place du lounge pour un dîner – concert – dégustation unique en son genre.
Chaque année, des vignerons et/ou négociants de l’appellation parrainent cet évènement hors norme.
Pour tout renseignement et inscription, l’équipe du lounge se tient à votre disposition, sachant qu’il est fortement recommandé de réserver sa place.
Visitez le site du Cahors Blues Festival :

Truffle festival

In January and February of each year, the Capital of Malbec becomes the Black Truffle Capital. At the Lounge, extraordinary dinners are organised thanks to the exceptional participation of great chefs and great winemakers. Only 44 diners can attend each evening meal. These dinners offer an opportunity to experience a privileged moment, with each dish commented by the chef and each wine by a winemaker. During the event, the lounge counter becomes a kitchen where food is prepared in full view of all the participants. Finally, that evening, old vintages are taken out of the cellars to celebrate the black diamonds of Cahors: Malbec and truffles.

Terroirs Mundi

The Capital of Malbec regularly becomes the capital of the great terroirs of the world.

For an evening, the greatest terroirs – in France and abroad – are the guests of honour. The evening begins with a conference given by representatives of the terroirs, followed by a dinner and tasting in the lounge.
Stories and secrets are revealed, not only to understand but also to continue to share a passion for the excellence of certain terroirs.
Naturally, the guest speakers invited to share their knowledge and know-how at the lounge also enjoy the opportunity to discover Cahors wines and to express their opinion on their impressive qualitative and stylistic evolution.


Meetings, seminars, private evening events

The lounge has standing room for 80 guests and seating for 44. It is fully equipped (kitchenette, big screens, sound equipment, disabled toilets, etc.), just 2 minutes’ walk from the Amphithéâtre and Galdémar car parks. It can be rented for meetings, seminars or private evening events, with or without Cahors wine tastings, with or without catering, for the time needed. If the lounge is rented with a tasting, the lounge team will ensure that you discover all the quality and diversity of Cahors wines, and if you like, we can even ask a few winemakers to tell us about their wines. Feel free to contact us!


Glass, corkscrew, apron, DropStop disk, book, gift voucher...

The emblem of Cahors wines is a glass with a ring in its stem. The glass is well-known throughout the world. It is perfectly suited to tasting and is available at the lounge. The emblem is present on a number of accessories that are also available in the lounge premises (corkscrews, aprons, DropStop disks, etc.). The Cahors wine glass is even displayed on the cover of the book entitled “Cahors, le roman du vin noir” (Cahors, a black wine story) that you can purchase from the lounge team. At the end of the year, the lounge sometimes also has chocolate Cahors glasses that can be used for very original tastings! Finally, don’t hesitate to give your family and friends the opportunity to enjoy wine tastings by asking for a gift voucher or tasting pass.



Loyalty Card

Every week, receive the latest updates on the lounge and be the first to sign up for lounge events, bearing in mind that space may be limited and that there may sometimes be deadlines for registration.
And to benefit from special prices (tastings, entrance fee), the lounge team recommends that you opt for the loyalty card.
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