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See all the restaurants which are ambassadors of Cahors wines, as members of the Cahors Malbec Experience network


The objective of the Cahors Malbec Experience, as offered to gourmets visiting the region since the summer of 2018, is to establish our vineyards among the wine gastronomy destinations while seeking to enhance the qualitative and stylistic evolution of Cahors wines through a new culinary approach, which is now broader and more creative than ever.


This is why the Union Interprofessionnelle du Vin de Cahors (UIVC) has created a tasting booklet entitled “Cahors Malbec Experience” distributed through the Cahors Malbec Lounge but also by the Tourist Offices of Destination Cahors, Lot Valley. The booklet encourages visitors to roam from table to table, from wine to food, throughout the vineyards, and then to share their experiences on Instagram #experiencecahorsmalbec.

At home

Over the last ten years, the reputed appellation from the south-west of France has renewed its style through diversified vintages, while staying true to its identity. Although the AOP Cahors appellation is recognised throughout the world for the great cellaring potential of its wines, winemakers are now offering an entire range of wines for drinking pleasure, remaining true to their origins and delightful to drink in their youth

The vineyards of Cahors today offer an unprecedented diversity of AOC Cahors wine profiles. The stylistic evolution has given rise to undeniable revival of interest in the Cahors vineyard, from wine-lovers and professionals alike. Cahors is no longer the simple, rustic wine it was in the past… Our wines now surprise tasters with their finesse and elegance, while retaining their power.

Clearly, Cahors wines and duck from the south-west of France are still an ideal pairing, but a whole range of new possibilities are now open for your tasting pleasure.

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